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Review. [04 Aug 2005|10:44am]

I have decided to do some kind of review on our pre-season, and our squad. So here goes.

1. Robert Green
2. Matthieu Louis-Jean
3. Adam Drury
4. Jason Shackell
5. Craig Fleming
6. Darren Huckerby
7. Jason Jarrett
8. Peter Thorne
9. Dean Marney
10. Dean Ashton
11. Jim Brennan
12. Darren Ward
13. The Fans
14. Leon McKenzie
15. Youssef Safri
16. Simon Charlton
17. Andy Hughes
18. Paul McVeigh
20. Damien Francis
21. Paul Gallacher
22. Ian Henderson
23. Ryan Jarvis
24. Jurgen Colin
27. Gary Doherty
30. Joe Lewis

Craig Fleming is still the club and team captain.

Matthieu Louis-Jean
Jason Jarrett
Peter Thorne
Dean Marney (season long loan)
Andy Hughes
Jurgen Colin

Gary Holt
Thomas Helveg
Matt Svensson
Mathias Jonson
David Bentley
Phil Mulryne
Danny Crow
Graham Stuart
Marc Edworthy

Dereham Town - won - 6-0
MVV Maastricht - draw - 0-0
VVV Venlo - lost - 1-0
Southend - lost - 1-2
Colchester - draw - 2-2
Inter Milan - lost - 0-2
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Jonson going. [12 Jul 2005|10:18pm]

Swedish newspapers are now reporting that Jonson is leaving us. If this is the case (it hasn't been confirmed by us) Worthy needs to get going buying players. Yeah he's already got 3 in, but one was a swap. Luis-Jean is a replacement of Edworthy, Jarret is replacing Mulryne, Thorne is replacing Svensson.

So we need to replace:
Helveg, Holt, Bentley, Stuart.

With also possibly replacing:
Francis, Jonson, Green

Although Green is less likely. Worthy hasn't done anything compared to others, Palace seemed to have signed a lot. And it doesn't sound like he's doing anything to get Taylor which is annoying me. Plus I hope he's making inquiries into getting Bentley back, either on loan again or permanent, he's not good enough for the top half of the Premiership, and would be suited to us.

City sign Thorne [01 Jul 2005|10:25am]

We have sign Peter Thorne from Cardiff on a free, although if we get promoted in the next two years we have to pay Cardiff £200,000.

Third player to join canaries. [01 Jul 2005|09:19am]

A third player is due to be unveiled along side Jason Jarrett and Matthieu Louis-Jean at 10:00AM today. There are a few names going around forums as who this could be, all of the names mentioned though seem to be no better than who's left.

Fixtures [23 Jun 2005|10:36am]

Coventry Away
Our first match. Well it won't be played at their ground and that's for certain. They're building a new stadium which won't be ready for the beginning of the season, whether it will be switch to Fortress Carrow Road is something that'll we'll have to wait on. If it is that means 3 home fixtures to begin with. Hopefully they'll put something on the official site about it, or i'll have to pop on to Covventryi's website.

We play fellow relagated clubs in August as well. OMG! HARD. Hopefully they'll both be on TV. One's home one's away.

The derby's
Saturday 17th September (A)
Saturday 4th February (H)

I'm so excited now. I've just copied the whole fixture list and added the days so I know how many evening matches (we have loads).

The Fixtures in full

Talks with Jarrety? [10 Jun 2005|08:19pm]

Sky Sports has reported that we are in talks with Jason Jarrett, a Wigan midfielder who's available on a free. Wigans website has also revealed that Jarrett is in talks with a Championship club. So with no rumours that he's been talking to anyone else, and the fact the someone on a message board said he was at Carrow Road this morning I gather that he is definately talking to us.

Trio released [17 May 2005|07:14pm]

We've released Edworthy, Stuart and Crow.

Edworthy's and Stuart's contracts were up anyway and I was expecting them to go. Bit surprised about Crow though. He's a good striker, but I suppose he's not really good enough for the Premiership, and we have Premiership ambitions. Just hope Holt is soon released, although I read on WOTB that him and Gallacher are free to leave, there has been no confirmation of this though.

Looks we'll be signing a few players over the summer. Hopefully some good ones that are of Premiership quality.

Relegated. [16 May 2005|05:57pm]

After going to Fulham yesterday, getting all teary eyed then improving on the coach travel back and thinking all positive. I woke up today feeling down again, but I put on my City shirt to show off that I am proud of what we have done, and that I support them through thick and thin. Had to tell Rory to shut up in my graphics lesson today, that was good. Serves him right for going on. I had some people feeling sorry for us though, so it wasn't all bad.

Now I'm feeling positive, and can't wait for next season, which starts in roughly 3 months. Should come around quickly as I have exams (my A2 levels) coming up then once they've finished the fixture list will be coming out and it will only be another couple of weeks until pre-season starts. Plus the new HP book to look forward to.

So on to next season...
Svensson has today told SkySports that he has a clause in his contract that will let him go on a cheap now we're relegated. Personally I think he's got his eyes set on going back to Sweden. He's a good player, but now we have Ashton and McKenzie with Jarvis, Crow and Henderson who can always come on for that last 10 mins. Or they can replace if one gets injured. Francis may be going, if we can rid of him for the £3 million that is rumoured that he's going to Charlton for then that's great. Will give us enough money to get a decent central midfielder in, plus we only bought him for £100,000. Others I want out are Fleming, Doherty and Holt. Been rather poor this season and haven't really done well, plus notice they're all defensive minded players, and we've conceaded goals left, right and centre this season. Coming in we need a central defender, and a right sided defender. If Francis does go for that £3 million, with that and this £6.8 million that we'll get for recently being in the Prem we should be able to bring some new players in.

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